A Knight is sworn to Valor
His Heart knows only Virtue
His Blade defends the Helpless
His Might upholds the Weak
His Words speaks only Truth
His Wrath undoes the Wicked
The Old Code of Knighthood. (via theboywonderless)

Walking through the fields of gold
In the distance, bombs can fall
Boy we’re running free
Facing light in the flow
And in the cherry trees
We’re hiding from the world
But the golden age is over


Distancia de seguridad

Gwendoline Christie and Rory McCann at SDCC 2014 x


Video Game Poster Series - Created by Vincent Petitot | Facebook

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| ASOIAF : Minimalist Character Posters | Brynden Rivers
*Requested by anon


ASOIAF Minimalist Character Posters | Brynden Rivers

*Requested by anon


Heartbreaking Moments: 6/7 ~ The Iron Giant Sacrificing Himself (The Iron Giant)